Joseph Hillenbrand

Seattle, WA

Technical Skills

Haskell 2 years
Python 5 years
C 3 years
C++ 1 year
Javascript 2 years
PostgreSQL 3 years
Memcached 2 years
Couchbase 1 year
CouchDB 1 year
Riak 1 year
Operating Systems
Debian-based Linux 7 years
FreeBSD 1 year
Git 4 years


  • 5 years of active software development experience though my role as a software engineer, ancillary development projects, personal projects, open source contributions, and using a development approach to system administration.
  • I specialize in building backend network servers and distributed systems.
  • Because of my previous jobs as a systems administrator, I strive to make the most reliable and maintainable software possible.
  • I believe that code without tests is not working code.
  • 7 years experience using, administering, and programming for Linux/UNIX systems.
  • I am comfortable in a leadership or teaching role.
  • See here and my GitHub.
  • See and

Employment History

Flowroute LLC.Seattle, WA
Flowroute LLC.Seattle, WA
January 2013 — Present
  • Software Engineer
    • Developed an asynchronous/high-performance JSON-RPC client for the synchronous SIP server, Kamailio. It uses libevent, Unix Domain Sockets, shared-memory, multiprocessing, DNS SRV, and is written in C.
    • Developed application services using Twisted Python.
    • Wrote unit tests for the SIP routing infrastructure.
    • Designed and implemented a distributed, high-throughput, reliable call detail record database system using NSQ, Couchbase, Riak, and Twisted Python. It allows for idempotent, self-healing, real-time balance calculations. I also implemented an integration test suite for the system.
    • Implemented the SMPP binary protocol in Python.
    • Various Django development.
    • Wrote tons of unit and integration tests for every project.
    • Successfully advocated development best practices to the team, such as linting and code review.
Wetpaint Inc.Seattle, WA
Wetpaint Inc.Seattle, WA
December 2011 — January 2013
  • DevOps Engineer
    • Maintained over 80 Ubuntu physical servers and AWS instances.
    • Designed, deployed, and maintained Puppet configurations for servers and their applications.
    • Implemented new release processes using Git and Puppet.
    • Managed the F5 BigIP Load Balancer.
    • Centralized all server logging using syslog-ng.
    • PostgreSQL configuration optimizations.
    • Created backup scripts and setup replication for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Front-end web development for main site. (HTML/ERB, CSS, JS/jQuery)
    • In-house Git expert. Gave tips and training about Git.
    • Designed and built a high-performance, distributed user metrics prototype by customizing Nginx and using Couchbase.
DevHub / EVO Media GroupSeattle, WA
DevHub / EVO Media GroupSeattle, WA
May 2011 — December 2011
  • Systems Administrator / Software Engineer
    • Maintained over 50 VPS Debian servers.
    • Wrote Django applications based on business need.
    • Designed, deployed, and maintained Puppet configurations for existing and new servers.
    • Reimplemented the Nagios monitoring system in Puppet.
    • Deployed and maintained the Nginx reverse proxies and fastcgi servers.
    • Created backup scripts for the MySQL servers.
    • Maintained a BIND instance that contains over 17,000 zones.
    • Refactored an existing PHP app for a client.
    • Created custom Debian packages.
General ElectricCincinnati, OH
August 2009 — October 2010
IDS Enterprise Sensor Grid
  • FreeBSD System Administrator
    • Deployed and maintained over 150 FreeBSD servers.
    • Designed, implemented, and maintained Nagios monitoring system.
    • Designed, implemented, and maintained Puppet configuration management system.
    • Designed, implemented, and maintained BIND DNS server.
    • Introduced using Git for managing configuration changes.
    • Maintained an Apache server running Nagios, WikiMedia, and WordPress.
    • Monitored and offered secondary support for MySQL servers.
    • Performed extensive Bash and Python scripting.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Graduated: December 2008
  • University of Washington — Seattle, WA
  • Degree Focus: Embedded Computing Systems